Open Letter to all Members following meeting with AAOHN

Dear NVAOHN Member,

The NVAOHN Board of Directors had the privilege to meet with an executive director, the current president and the immediate past president of AAOHN in Florida. The AAOHN Board members were also concerned about the status of our chapter. However; NVAOHN is not alone. The Tennessee State Chapter just folded this year. Other local chapters are folding and becoming state chapters.

The NVAOHN Board discussed the poor attendance of members at meetings especially over the last 3-4 years. The board discussed the fact that members do not want to participate in meeting the needs of the association: board positions, committee positions, involvement in planning educational opportunities. Simply put, the NVAOHN chapter is in a resources crisis. If something is not done, the NVAOHN Chapter will fold. Our NVAOHN Chapter needs you to step up and resuscitate the dissolving NVAOHN Chapter. 

The immediate outcome of the meeting was: AAOHN does not recommend a merger between NVAOHN and Metropolitan Washington Association (MWAOHN) would resolve any of the problems NVAOHN is experiencing. AAOHN understands the apathy of the NVAOHN Chapter will not help anyone’s chapter. The fact is, if the members are not interested in being involved in the current organization: Why would they be interested in being involved in a merged organization as it would just be a bigger pot of people from which there will be no volunteers?

If our present membership does not step up and help run our organization and the necessary documents are not submitted to national, AAOHN will simply close us down.

AAOHN has recommended the NVAOHN Board:  

  • Notify each member of our organization individually regarding our present situation. Therefore; this letter has been sent as certified mail as we wanted every member to receive proper notification. 

  • Our by-laws will need to be rewritten, because at present, we do not need to have every “executive board member” our organization’s template states we are required to have. In doing this we would determine exactly what members we need on our board.

  • Send out a call for board members. If other members do not step up; ask the current board members if they would remain for 1 more year.

  • Decrease the number of meetings from 3-5 per year to only one meeting per year. In turn, having one daytime event, with multiple presentations with the option of offering multiple CNE’s.

  • The board will regroup in 1 year, and if there has been no increase in participation, the NVAOHN Chapter will close. 

If the NVAOHN Chapter folds: 

  • All the Chapter monies will be donated to a non-profit organization. AAOHN suggested donating our funds to the AAOHN Foundation, but the money could be given to a school for scholarships for nursing students – but we cannot give the money to the student directly.

  • Our present members would become members of the state organization; and that is the way it is in many states.   

What this means to you: 

  • If you are interested in filling a position on the board, please respond by 5/11/16 so our elections can be held via electronic voting. 

  • Positions open are Secretary, Treasurer and Vice-President. 

  • If you want to run for another position, please step up.  People can co-share these positions.

  • We also need committee members for planning, education, communication, membership, governance, and hospitality. These roles can be combined. For instance, communication combined with membership or planning and hospitality becoming one role. 


NVAOHN Board of Directors would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter. We certainly look forward to seeing you at our annual dinner meeting at the Amphora, located at 377 Maple Ave, W, in Vienna on June 1, 2016. Your cost is $15.00 each.  Please send your check made out to NVAOHN to treasure Sue Jelinski at 4507 Briarton Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151-2606


Thank you,


2015-2016 NVAOHN Board of Directors


Renee Mason – President

Kate Kelly – Vice President

Brigitte Jones – Secretary

Sue Jelinski - Treasurer