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Professional associations such as NVAOHN are a non-profit, dues-supported organization developed to keep its members connected and informed about developments in the field of occupational health. NVAOHN offers you the opportunity to stay current in the field of occupational and environmental nursing by providing a medium to interact and exchange ideas and information about your field of interest with your peers. The synergistic value of of a group of like minded professionals is many times greater than the results of a singular occupational health nurse.

NVAOHN provides the additional benefit of offering professional training  seminars and continuing education credits that most professionals need to maintain certification. Participating in meetings, chat groups on Facebook or discussion boards sponsored by our association is also a great way to grow your network. 

AAOHN membership gives you access to an enormous amount of resources to help you broaden your knowledge. No matter what your area of expertise is, hospital based health nurse, school based health nurse or public health and safety nursing staying on top of all of these issues is important. So, whether you are looking to learn about job postings in your field, network in your professional community, gain access to current events, or just have some fun while meeting new people, joining a NVAOHN is a step in the right direction!



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