The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) is the professional association of licensed nurses engaged in the practice of occupation and environmental health nursing.

AAOHN serves over 5,000 members located across the United States, US Territories and the World. AAOHN is comprised of 120 chapter organizations that are incorporated agencies under their state regulations. Each chapter has its own by-laws and officers, but follows guidance from AAOHN, nationally.

NVAOHN History

In 1989, Lynda Firment contacted local nurses who might be interested in pioneering a new Northern Virginia Chapter for Occupational Health Nurses.  A group of fifteen (15) nurses met in May 1989.  By October, 1989, we were incorporated. 

NVAOHN Presidents up to the current time

1989-1992: Lynda Firment
1993-1994: Geraldine "Geri" Saenz
1997-1999: Penelope "Penny" Hovis
2000-2004: Pam Hirsch
2004-2007: Margaret Cummings
2008-2010: Claudia Young
2011-2012: Margaret Cummings
2012-2013: Eleonora (Ellie) Florence / Kate Kelly
2013-2015: Phyllis McLean
2015-Present: Renee Mason